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What is the preferred way to handle the text authority for instances that are printed in multiple languages?

As an example, I'm comparing this hymn between the 1992 Mennonite hymnal (HAWB1992) and the new Voices Together hymnal (VT2020):

In HAWB1992 the text is only in English, and is linked to

In VT2020 both German and English texts are included (German first, as the original language), and the text instance is currently linked to a different text authority with the German text:

Should these text authorities be merged? If not, is there a way to also link the VT2020 instance to the English text authority?


Texts in multiple languages with English translations included, appearing in hymnals published in the U.S. (and other English language speaking countries) should go under the English language authority, which in this case is (I changed the authority). The English and the German texts should not be merged. The translations are lnked through the Original Language Title/First Line field. So the English translation should have the German first line in this field — in the hymnal instance, if the hymnal provides this information — and in the text authority (which it already has)

So basically if the primary audience of the hymnal is English-speaking, and the instance includes English, then it should be linked to the text authority for the English text, even if it's not the original language or the first language appearing on the page. Thanks!

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