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I don't have my 1992 Mennonite hymnal handy, but if I did I would check and see if it really calls the tune for "Ndikhokele, O Jehova" SETHO HYMN, or if that was a transcription error. SOTHO HYMN (as given in the other instances) seems much more likely to be correct in my opinion. Sotho is a well-known African language; SETHO, less so.


I have copies of the 7th and 8th printings, and both have it as XHOSA HYMN.

I'm looking at my copy and the tune name is indeed listed as SETHO HYMN. I'll email you a pic.

Now to find out if it's really Sotho (SeSotho I think they say) or (isi)Xhosa. Maybe the text works in either Xhosa and Zulu are often pretty close.

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