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I wish there were a way to deprecate the cover pics in one's "My Hymnals". I am not a fan of the need to scroll and scroll and scroll, and as a result I don't look at "My Hymnals" as often as I would if it were just a list of titles. I have 426 items currently in My Hymnals (and yes, they are all items I have). In order not to have to exceed my library printing allowance, I have to jump through all kinds of hoops if I want a printout of my hymnal list (i.e. I have to copy "My hymnals" to Notepad and then Replace all the indents with nothing. And then copy that to Excel, usually, because I want to annotate the thing in a searchable and justified way. If I'm showing my collection to somebody on a computer, the cover pics are great. I'm not saying get rid of them. I'm saying have a little box I can check to hide them.


This post is really on the wrong board. It should be on the Hymnary User Room. "Ask and answer questions about hymns, hymnals, and using the Hymnary. This is also a good place to make suggestions for Hymnary improvements."

Edit: I re-read this a few days later and realized I sound like a jerk. I just think it's a great idea and wanted it to be in the best place to potentionally be implimented.

I suppose you're right, Justin, but I assume that those in charge here, or at least Dianne, looks at all the forums regularly (after all, none of them is extremely active and timeconsuming) and will notify the person it should go to if it's not her. (I could be wrong.) But I am a User and an Editor, and I suppose a case could be made that enabling clicking of these humongous icons is a (minor) development issue. In any event, if it happens I'll be happy, if it doesn't, I won't go over to the competition (which is what now that the Cyberhymnal stuff is all here and Oremus is defunct?)... 

True, but I'm planning for when our small community explodes and there are too many new posts to follow at once :)

The new search pages entail MUCH more scrolling than the old ones. The new ones are fine if the user is looking for the obvious, the top two or three settings of a text or tune or the top two or three works of a lyricist or composer, but for those of us much more intrigued by the arcane and the unusual (e.g. in my case, the non-English text items) the amount of scrolling and flipping to additional pages involved with the new search results pages makes the whole site MUCH more unwieldy. I admit I'm an outlier. But a site that incorporates as much trivial data from the fringes of hymnody as this one should be outlier-friendly. At the moment that is achieved by the ability to go back to the old results pages with a click, but I live in constant fear that the market-driven nature of things will lead to doing away with that option, and force me to spend a third of my remaining years scrolling.

If you like the old search results pages, with 50 results shown at one row each, you can click the "switch back to the old search page" link on a result page.
Our tests show that something like 96% of the time the desired result is in the top 10 and 92% of the time the top three.
If there is enough demand, I suppose we could add a "show 50 results" option to the wider result display...

I am an outlier. As I said, I am (for example) much more likely to be interested in the Dakota version than in the English, if a particular tune authority HAS a Dakota instance. I don't expect there to be enough demand for this, but it is definitely what I (and, I assume, a lot of other scholarly users) really want. Of course, the scholarly (DiNAH!) understandably (but regrettably) has to take a back seat to the marketable. I don't blame you guys!

Actually, our search engine even lets you make a nice spreadsheet file of your "my hymnal" hymnals. Go to the advanced search page, click "my hymnals," choose Hymnals as the result type, and search. Then append &export=csv if you want to download the hymnals as a spreadsheet. -Harry

I knew about that possibility but wasn't able to locate the clicker last time I looked for it.

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