Anne Steele

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I am doing some research on Anne Steele. In searching, I find her name listed as author on hymns which clearly belong to someone else. This makes the data I find highly suspicious and would require me to check each of the 300+ hymns individually. Why does her name appear? Ex., "Angels We Have Heard on High" and others.


Hymnary reports authors given in the hymnals whether or not that information is correct. However, we try to keep the information in the text summary or text authority as accurate as we can.

So, in some cases a hymnal may have stated she was the author of a text that she was not an author of. There are also DNAH hymnals that we haven't looked at or edited that may have her listed as an author for a text.

In the case of "Angels We Have Heard on High" she is listed as the author of this hymn in the training hymnal we use to train editors. There is one master copy and 5 other training hymnals where her name has not been edited out.