All the way my ... PLEADING SAVIOR?

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Yesterday we sang "All the way my Savior leads me", a Fanny Crosby hymn, to its customary Robert Lowry tune. Great song, and it'd been a long, long time since I'd sung it.

So I decided to look it up in the Hymnary, and I find the first line listed with 239 instances, and two associated tunes: ALL THE WAY and PLEADING SAVIOR. But (short of looking at each of the 239 instances) I can't figure out how to search for occurrences of the first line that have the second tune. Seems an odd pairing to me. How does one search for the intersection of a text and a tune?

Haruo aka Leland_Bryant_Ross



You've come across a limitation of -- search constraints for the most part are on one entity type, e.g. text or tune, but not both. There are other situations where this is a drawback.

We're planning on doing a major redesign of the search system to have one big search widget that can put constraints on different entities.

Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director

Thanks for the insight of a future jmajor redesign of the search system. It will come in very handy as the database here grows.

For this particular situation regarding PLEADING SAVIOR/ALL THE WAY is quite doable now. Click on tab TUNES and go down to PLEADING SAVIOR. There are only 16 instances, which is not a difficult amount to work with. Click on the tune name to get the list. Add a TEXT column and find all instances of ALL THE WAY. There just happens to be only one. That wasn't so hard, now, was it? I realize that this won't always be the case, so I'm happy to hear that the search function will grow with the size of the database.

Hope this helps...even just a little.


Thanks for pointing out the back entrance to my search topic, Ken. Going at it from the (less common) tune instance end is certainly more efficient than looking at all the text instances. But of course the number of PLEADING SAVIOR instances is about to grow, probably exponentially, so it won't be all that much of an improved solution in the future. So I certainly agree that the news that the search system will become capable of cross-domain (is that the term?) searching is most welcome.


You are very welcome, but don't expect that to work for all searches. Just try different angles to see if one produces better results that you might be able to use. Starting with "persons" search might work well, too, if there aren't a whole lot of works by them and the person's name might be relevant to your search. Just an idea...not necessarily a good one. Glad to have helped. :)


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