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Looking at the information in the Wiki (now outdated, I gather) I am unable to determine what is supposed to go in the third column, "Copyrighted". (The Wiki doesn't say what goes in "Page number" either, but I can guess. But "Copyrighted" (blank in the CSV BH1991 I've been perusing)? Since we have a column for "Text copyright statement" and a column for "Tune copyright statement", what goes under "Copyrighted"? A simple "Yes" or "No"? I am a bit confused.

Haruo aka Leland_Bryant_Ross


I don't really know the answer to your question, but I would say if you don't know what a field is for, just leave it blank. The page number field refers, I believe, to the page number of the corresponding pdf image, which is rarely the same as the hymn number. Peter

Oh, shoot. I was hoping the page number was for the page number (some hymnals have both page numbers and hymn numbers; this is the case with Espero Internacia, which is one of my highest priorities to add to the Hymnary. Ah well, I guess "Additional information" can be used for the actual hard-copy page number.

Don't dispair, Haruo. I believe as you do. Don't go changing anything until you get a definite answer from someone in authority.

I can only speak from my own experience. I entered page numbers for the 1940 Episcopal Hymnal, the purpose of which was to have the correct pdf facsimile page image displayed when one clicks on the first line of the hymn. The 1940 Hymnal does not have page numbers, per se, and so I simply followed the page numbers assigned by whoever created the pdf pages. I suppose if the hymnal did have page numbers, it would be best to number the pdf pages to match the original numbers, and then there would be less opportunity for confusion. But of course, not being A PERSON IN AUTHORITY, I wouldn't know! ;-) Peter

In the Hymn number field, you would put the number of the hymn. In the Page number field, you would put the page number that the hymn is on in the hymnal (if given). This will help to match the hymn number with the page image. Use the Copyrighted field if the page image is copyrighted, i.e. if the score or the text on the page has a copyright date before 1923. This will prevent the page image from being displayed. You can leave the Copyrighted field blank if it is okay to display the page image, if it is not okay (under copyright), put any character (for example, "y", "x", "1") in the Copyrighted field.

"1923 or later", NOT "before 1923", unless I seriously misunderstand.


The page number field is intended to have the hymnal page number for the hymn. It is used to match up page images with hymns. Feel free to enter page numbers if you have them -- but it's not necessary unless we also have a scan of the hymnal with page images we want to link up. Also, there is an easy web page for setting page numbers to connect images to hymns.

It's in the database not so much to enable users to add the data as to preserve the data when it is downloaded as a CSV and re-uploaded.

Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director

When we have page scans for a hymnal, sometimes some of the images are public domain and some are copyrighted. If the Copyrighted field is set to "1" then the image will be treated as copyrighted and won't be displayed.

This field only pertains to displaying page images so it's not relevant unless there are page images. It can be set when connecting page images to pages with the on-line capability, so it may be easier to leave this field blank and set the copyright status of each page later.

Harry Plantinga
CCEL Director

I meant to say if the score or text has a copyright date before 1923, leave the Copyrighted field blank. If it is 1923 or after (it is still under copyright) then put a character in the Copyrighted field

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