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The wiki article Page Spreadsheet indicates that the first two columns should be Hymn number and Title, in that order, yet the blank page spreadsheet in the Zip folder has the following first three column headings: Hymn Number - Text authority - Title. Should there or should there not be a column headed "Text authority" between "Hymn number" and "Title"; either way, something needs correcting (wiki if Yes, blank spreadsheet if No); and is case an issue (Hymn Number" vs "Hymn number", and if the former, then why not "Text Authority"?

I'm about to start a spreadsheet for the ca. 1920 hymnal Espero Internacia, and would like it to have the proper complement of columns.


Yes the authority columns should be on the blank spreadsheets. They were added to the Page spreadsheet to try to make authority resolution more automatic when the hymnal is uploaded. They are optional, so if you don't know the authority, you may leave these fields blank. The wiki article hasn't been updated yet but will be soon.

You can also add a new hymnal directly to Hymnary.org instead of using a spreadsheet. You then add the Hymn text instances to it and the Hymn tune instances to the Hymn text instances. This makes authority resolution easier because there are menus that suggest authorities when you type something into these fields. However, entering the rest of the information is more cumbersome.

Case is not an issue.

I'm planning on doing this one (Espero Internacia) in the Spreadsheet approach so I'll learn it. Then I will do one in the direct entry method. But I don't know (yet) where to go in Hymnary.org to find the entry fields for direct entry of a hymnal. What's the route?

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