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The details on how to enter refrains in the wiki ( are fine as far as they go, but they don't go far enough.

The example given shows the refrain appearing after the first stanza, but how does one treat the refrain after subsequent stanzas? Four possible ways suggest themselves to me, and there may be others:

(1) Note the refrain at the end of the last line of the stanza with "(Refrain)" or "[Refrain]" or simply "Refrain". See, [But note the brackets improperly used in the latter when the refrain is printed after stanza one!], and

(2) After the last line of the stanza, include "Refrain" on the following line all by itself.

(3) After the last line of the stanza, enter a blank line, then "Refrain".

(4) Do not include anything at all, on the assumption that the refrain is repeated after every stanza. See

Beyond these variations in style, other apparent errors are also present, such as at where the initial appearance of the refrain is improperly headed "[Refrain:]" instead of simply "Refrain:" and at where the refrain is not separated out from the text at all.

Obviously, these variations and errors are something we need to straighten out -- and need to do so quickly, as we already have differences in the way refrains are handled in the relatively few hymns and hymnals currently entered.


I like #3 the best, but since most of the texts entered so far are variations of #1, I vote for #1 with (Refrain) at the end of the stanza.

If the hymnal doesn't indicate a repeated phrase at the end of the stanza is a refrain, do you think an editor or full text enterer should treat it as a refrain? I vote no, it should only be a refrain if the hymnal says so.

"Go, tell it on the mountain[s]" where the song starts with the refrain. Is there a standard presentation style for such cases?

In these cases, put the refrain first:
Go tell it on the mountain...

1. When I was a seeker.. (Refrain)

2.etc. (Refrain)

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