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There are six (6) personIDs for Stephen P. Starke. Personally, I think formatting should be made consistent, as it should also be for the personIDs. If the main goal is to make it look like the text in the images, I could accept that for format variations. Yea, that should probably be the prime directive, if it isn't already, but I would still narrow down the personIDs to one, and only one, so that cross-referencing can be done and all info on the person can be connected in one place.


Let me try to explain the different formats:

We want to preserve the name as it appears with the individual hymns, i.e. as it is written in the hymnal. We call each hymn an instance and each PersonID is an instance of the person's name appearing in a hymnal, attached to either a text or a tune. The PersonID is unique to each instance of the person, that's why you see the numbers behind - they are uniqueness digits. The way the name appears in the hymnal is what we call the "short name", this is what you should see next to the PersonID's. The short name might appear the same in all the hymnals or different in some of them. That's okay.

The "fullname" is the Authority, and it is in the heading at the top of the page, with last name first. This is the way it appears on the Browse list of Authors. We do connect all the instances of Stephen Starke in one place, under the authority, whether his name appears as Spephen P. Starke, or S. P. Starke. This is still a work in process, but you do not need to work on it.

What we want in the Data Check area is to delete PersonID instances that for some reason are no longer attached to hymns and that are not needed as cross references. What the Data Check is saying is the instance of Stephen P. Starke which is identified by PersonID "Starke_S2" is not attached to any texts or tunes so just this instance of Stephen P. Starke may be deleted.

Hope this helps,

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